AITILOP – online

AITILOP in toata nesimtirea lui.

‘AITILOP’ (the Romanian for ‘POLICE’, spelled backwards).

In the film, two police officers pick up a prostitute and take her into the squad car for a wild ride. It is my graduation film, which the school board deemed too explicit and violent for festival release. Admittedly mature-themed, ‘AITILOP’ is just a film, neither too violent, nor too disturbing to be banned from entering the festival circuit. Consequently, I am starting to link away. All comments are appreciated.


15 thoughts on “AITILOP – online

  1. doua luni lea trebuit la lingaii astia k sal vada cap coada fara sa borasca. :((

    da, corekt, istoria e plina de multi iesiti pe usa din spate :P

  2. brown bunny says:

    ba, mai dati-ii si voi cu niste comments
    omu saracu zica “all comments ae welcomed” si pula comments doar mistouri ati facut de el.

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